Adivive - lipo-transfer

Adivive is an innovative system enabling separation of an adipose tissue. The effect of an application of an obtained material may be incl.:

- filling the folds and wrinkles,
- achieving an effect of volumetric facial and breast lifting,
- correcting atrophic scars lastingly.

Research on the discovery of a wonderful remedy which would prevent skin aging is still ongoing. There are ways of delaying that process, however nothing can stop it. Over the years, lipodystrophy which is a local disappearance of adipose tissue occurs in everyone. Along with the aging process, too much of adipose tissue appears in some parts of the body.

It seems to be a perfect solution to draw it from the parts where it is present in excess and transplant to the parts where it is missing. It is called autotransplantation.

Autotransplantation is a term referring to the transplantation of organs, tissues within the same organism. Drawing and transplanting own material eliminates the risk of rejection and induction of allergy. Only the best quality of material guarantees the best and most enduring results of treatment. Adivive™ device enables to draw the own tissue rich in the most valuable and the youngest adipose cells and stem cells. Because of these cells the drawing material has the best quality and we can call it the real ELIXIR OF YOUTH. Young adipose cells vascularize, take and start functioning like the rest without a problem.

Stem cells have an ability to a potentially unlimited number of divisions, that is to self-renewing. Due to that, we do not only fill the declines of tissue but also motivate the skin to regenerate. These two facts impact on significant increase of the treatment effectiveness.

Among the advantages of the treatment we can enumerate:

  • natural fill effect,
  • stimulation of skin cells,
  • giving the face skin a fresh, healthy look,
  • usually unlimited quantity of filling material, that is own adipose tissue.


Lipofilling involves drawing an adipose tissue from areas around thighs, knees or stomach, then appropriate centrifugation using high technology of the Palomar company- Adivive™ centrifuge which is used to the separation of adipose tissue and attach it to another place in our body. In comparison to other existing methods, usage of centrifuge considerably enhances the treatment efficiency. Centrifuging enables to purge it of liquids and leave only healthy, the most valuable cells. Tissue which is appropriately prepared can be applied in any chosen area of the body. Bust, buttocks and wrinkles on the face are the most commonly treated areas.

Stages of treatment:

Material needed for the autotransplantation is drawn with the aid of a special syringe. The material is obtained from the areas where it appears in excess. Most often they are the areas of knees, stomach, thighs and buttocks.

Adipose tissue drawn during the procedure is separated using filters patented technology F.P.U. (fat processing unit). This separation allows for generating the most valuable and the youngest fat high in stem cells. This fraction is called Pure Gold, except filling qualities, represents a real youth elixir.

Drawn fat is transplanted in the area where it is missing (autotransplantation).

This elixir is used to the precise face modeling with simultaneous revitalizing and rejuvenating effect. Without any problem, administered cells take, vascularize and start to function in the area of transplant, representing natural, autogenic filler. It significantly increases the procedure efficiency and its durability of effects, without necessity of implanting the material in excess. The basic disadvantage of the past performed fat transfers was passing of the fill effect. It is estimated in the traditional treatments that only 30% of the fat volume remains in the place of administration.

By using stem cells ability of continuous self-renewal, we do not only fill the deficits in but also motivate the skin to reconstruct its own structure. Because of the fact that stem cells are extracted from our own organism, they are very effective and totally safe, even for allergy sufferers. The lack of transplant rejection by the organism, so safety after treatment is an additional advantage of a procedure.


  • natural effect of filling of wrinkles and nasal lip folds
  • volumetry of face, breasts and hands
  • natural effect of breasts asymmetry correction- alternative for artificial implants

The fill effect is immediate and permanent, whereas the rejuvenating effect gradually increases during three months. As a result of Adivive™ action, the fill effect maintains in the almost unchanged form for many years (around 80% of the starting volume is maintained in the area of administration).

The treatment is completely safe, no risk of rejection and allergy. It lasts about 1,5 hours. Adivive™ is intended mainly for patients who need to fill their decline in the areas of face and body.


1) face:

  • decline of adipose tissue
  • the loss of skin flexibility
  • grooves and wrinkles
  • slumping cheeks

2) body:

  • the loss of bust and hand skin firmness
  • desire of improving the shape of buttocks
  • filling the decline of tissue after operative procedures
  • scars


  • abnormal blood curding factors,
  • taking medication, which attenuate blood (e.g. aspirin),
  • thrombosis in the interview,
  • skin infections.

Advantages of the treatment:

  • face, breasts volumetry which gives a natural look
  • natural effect of breasts asymmetry correction
  • alternative for fake implants
  • safety, no risk of rejection and allergy

How to prepare for the procedure?

Consultation with a doctor who is necessary before the Adivive™ treatment. An expert will instruct the patient physical examination that is necessary in order to qualify the person for the treatment.

The procedure of Adivive™ autotransplantation is completely sterile, we deal here with a closed system. As a first system of separating adipose tissue in the world, Adivive™ technology, received an American certificate- attestation FDA.