dermapenDevice, called DERMAPEN made by EQUIPMED company, allows to implement the active substance into the deep skin. The device works on the automatic skin perforation, by using pulsating needles.
Treatment, conducted by DERMAPEN is definitely more comfortable for a patient, than other treatments. What is more, the precision of device is incomparable to the traditional methods of microneedle mesotheraphy.
Effectiveness, facility and comfort of this treatment give an opportunity to doctors and patients all over the world, to be glad and happy of mesotherapy effects, with no side effects found.
Function of automatic skin perforation, used in DERMAPEN, increases effectiveness of treatments by enhancementing the permeating level of active substance into the skin, simultaneously it reduces and diminishes the pain to minimum.

Modus Operandi:

  • stimulation of collagen and elastin production
  • stimulation of fibroblasts, caused by activity of Platelet-derived growth factor
  • progression of density skin and skin elasticity

DERMAPEN, thanks to a pulsating needle system, that facilitates the delivery of active substances to the epidermis and dermis, provides unmatched fibroblast stimulation.
The resulting microtraumas use the natural ability of the body and the innate ability to repair the skin up to the physiological induction of collagen.
Controlled precision of DERMAPEN allows to distinguish three phases of mechanism of its action in the process of skin cells stimulation and restoration its structure.

dermapenThe first stage begins with the secretion of platelet-derived growth factors and the cascade of new epithelial cells production, fibroblast chemotaxis, fibroblast proliferation, and intercellular matrix stimulation. The process of skin cell proliferation causes further secretion of growth factor from fibroblast, what leads to the second phase of skin rejuvenation, which produces collagen types III, IV, and I, elastin, proteoglycans, glycosaminoglycans and angiogenesis processes.
The last phase of Dermapen’s action mechanism equals with remodelling of well-treated tissues.
Skin vascularisation improves and, its structure is enhanced by the presence of new collagen.
The essence of DERMAPEN is the body’s natural ability to autotherapy and remodelling tissues.

Indications for mesotherapy treatment:

  • shallowing visible wrinkles

  • reducing of visible stretch marks
  • treatment of acne scars

  • treatment of burn scars
  • treatment of baldness

Dermapen vs. dermaroller

Treatment with DERMAPEN® is similar to dermaroller therapy, but:

  • older microsurgical rollers make angled puncture in the skin, what means they cause more injuries
  • the needles are placed on the cylinder, what means that it is harder for them to get into the skin fold
  • they puncture the skin with the depth of 0.75 mm, what means, that the remodelling includes only the epidermis

In DERMAPEN the needles penetrate into the skin deeply and vertically, so the damages are lesser, but the depth and the vibration function increase the effectiveness of the treatment. The punctures (up to 2.5mm) work on the dermis stage.

Thanks to patented technology of the vibrating needles, DERMAPEN is more effective and safe than the other mesotherapy methods used so far. 
Treatment with DERMAPEN® shortens the time of mediation and lets the patient to return to daily activities.

dermapen - działanie na skórę

The depth of injection, which is attuned precisely ( range of 0.5 mm to 2.5 mm ) allow to make this all procedure to happen under the full control. Unlikely to dermaroller and mesotherapy, which force us to use a syringe and needle, also known as nappage technique.

Possible side effects and complications:

  • pain – before surgery we anesthetize the skin with lidocaine and tetrakain
  • bleeding - the intensity of bleeding depends on the depth and intensity of the surgery. We recommend to not take any aspirin, anti-coagulant, anti-inflammatory medicines for a few days before the procedure,
  • skin discolouration / oedema – the skin, over the operated area, may appear lighter or darker than the surrounding one
  • allergic reaction – possibility of its appearance in the patients, who suffers from skin allergy to metal objects
  • tightening of acne lesions – possibility of its appearance in the patients with advanced acne,
  • infection – in the case of disobedience after the treatment recommendations;


  • pregnancy and / or breastfeeding,
  • infection of the treated area (herpes, active acne blemishes),
  • skin cancer;

mechanizm działania Dermapen

Effects of the treatments:

Results of DERMAPEN’s® application are visible after 2 – 3 treatments. You can make 1 treatment for every 4 weeks. If you have visible acne scars and stretch marks, we recommend to replicate the treatment 5 to 6 times.

Stretch marks:


Acne scars:

dermapen-efekty-blizny potrądzikowe

Skin rejuvenation:

dermapen-efekty-odmładzanie skóry

Advantages of DERMAPEN

  • lesser pain, and greater comfort of treatment for the patient
  • recovery time is shortened
  • ease of service
  • sterility of the treatment (exchangeable needles)

The quality of the device is warranted

DERMAPEN is the totally brand new quality in mesotherapy treatments. Remarkable comfort, precision and effectiveness of the procedure are esteemed by the doctors and patients all over the world.

DERMAPEN won the prestigious BEST MEDICAL DEVICE prize at the AESTHETIC SHOW in Las Vegas, April 2012.

DERMAPEN, from EQUIPMED company, is the one and only device on the polish market, which operate by automatic skin pricking with pulsating needles.
 DERMAPEN device is certified by FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) as well as CE (Conformite Europeenne)

Combined techniques of procedures:

Derma+ preparations:

1) Derma+ Stretch marks:

  • stimulation of the remedial processes in the skin
  • biostimulants fibroblasts peptide
  • aminoacids and oligopeptides to nourish the skin and improve its elasticity
  • low molecular hyaluronic acid for optimal hydration
  • improvement the quality of the intercellular matrix and acceleration of the metabolic processes in the skin

  • improvement of skin thickness, moisturization and active stimulation of fibroblast growth;

2) DERMA+ HA Face

  • optymalne stężenie (5mg/ml) niskocząsteczkowego kwasu hialuronowego dla zapewnienia maksymalnej penetracji i nawilżenia głębokich warstw skóry
  • antioxidants to neutralize free radicals, emerging during the puncturing session
  • vitamins and oligoelements to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin
  • biostimulants fibroblasts peptides

  • substances, which are used to accelerate skin healing and epidermis regeneration;

3) DERMA+ Hair

  • biotin and caffeine to stimulate hair regeneration
  • aminoacids and biostimulant peptides to nourish and stimulate the cells
  • Ginko Bilboa to stimulate microcirculation in the skin
  • hyaluronic acid to facilitate the transport of active substances
  • recommended before hair transplants, after pregnancy, after inadequate diet and during extended period of stressful situations


It is a treatment of microperforation with 15% trichloroacetic acid ( easy TCA ).

Easy TCA works by regenerating skin cells in very progressive way. The Easy TCA solution, deeply modifies the permeability to the skin, just after peeling and, in the same time, it allows for quick and deep penetration into the epidermis and dermis stages. Additionally, the cream – Post Peel Mask, which is not just a neutralizer, has strong stimulating, antioxidative, and strong healing properties.