Desirial - filling and remodelling

Hypotrophy or atrophy of the labia of the vulva

Desirial plus

Moderate or severe hypotrophy or atrophy of the labia majora of the vulva is quite common.

It is related to an involution of the adipose component of the labia majora (so called lipo-atrophy) and to general hypotrophy of skin and tissues. It may be genetic in origin or may occur in post menopausal period, linked to very advanced stages of post menopausal vaginal dryness.

In each case, the labia become too small or even non-existent and cannot properly protect the vulva, which generates itching and discomfort, significantly affecting a patient's everyday life. Labia play essential role in prevention of vulva chafing, especially when getting dressed, wearing tight clothes or practising sports, such as horse riding or cycling.

Hypotrophy of the labia may occur relatively early (on average, at the age of 46). In some patients, the first symptoms may be observed even at the age of about 37 (constitutional predisposition, premature menopause, lifestyle, etc.).

DESIRIAL PLUS - indications

  • moderate or severe atrophy or hypotrophy,
  • atrophy of the labia majora of the vulva,


  • filling and remodelling with deep subcutaneous injections,
  • recreation of two, regular labia majora of the vulva with equal size/volume for better protection of the vulva from chafing;

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