Happy Lift

happy liftHappy Lift is a breakthrough, minimally invasive procedure involving the use of special, absorbable threads made of poly-lactic-caprolactone, which is an alternative for traditional face-lifting. It rejuvenates without changing the natural features of the face and does not leave any scaring on the skin.

Happy lift is a safe skin recovery technique, regenerating the sagging tissue of the face and neck and also the skin damaged by excessive sunlight exposure. During the treatment, Happy Lift™ threads, which have tiny barbs (or cogs) made of polylactic acid, are inserted into the sub dermis. After implantation, the threads provide new support scaffolding for the soft facial tissues, that lift and hold them in place. As a result, the rejuvenating effect can be visible immediately after the operation. Over time, the sutures are naturally absorbed in the body after about 8-12 months, while the positive results, in fact, are proven to be long-lasting, up to 5-6 years.

Happy Lift™ treatment is recommended for patients aged between 30 and 60 who aim to have a younger look, however, wish to avoid invasive, surgical treatment.

happy lift threadsThe areas that can be treated by using Happy Lift® sutures:

  • - eyebrow lift
  • - mid face (cheek) lift
  • - jaw lift
  • - neck lift
  • - temple lift
  • - temple and forehead lift
  • - lift of post-traumatic and congenital paresis of the facial nerves and partial paralysis.

Before the treatment:

  • patients are advised not to take aspirin, for at least 1 week before the procedure
  • patients are recommended to limit caffeine and nicotine products (lowering the risk of bruising)


  • pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • autoimmune disorders
  • unstable diabetes
  • skin prone to formation of keloids
  • active infections within the target area (herpes, purulent inflammation)
  • neoplastic disease
  • general infections (e.g. common cold)

The procedure:

The treatment requires local anaesthesia. It lasts about 15-30 minutes for smaller areas and about 60 minutes for the whole face. Using a fine needle, the doctor inserts the threads into the subcutaneous tissue of the target zones. When the threads are inserted in the right place under the skin, the cogs open and gather into the surrounding tissues, creating a supporting structure for soft tissues of the face, thus causing lifting of the face and a long-lasting recovery of the facial plasticity. The synthesis of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid in the skin (which are the substances naturally produced by an organism, responsible for skin firmness) gives enduring and lasting effect. This results from the production of supporting structure, which delays the skin ageing process. The technique is minimally invasive.

happy lift treatment

After the session:

  • there might appear delicate swelling, which lasts for about 24 hours,
  • it is recommend not to touch the implant area and to reduce facial muscle activity for about 3-4 days; for limiting the effort of the jaws and the whole face, it is advised to turn to a liquid diet or consume very soft food products,
  • for about 3-4 days, heavy make up or intensive rubbing cream into the skin are not advised,
  • patients may return to their everyday activities after about 15 days; while intensive physical effort is possible after about 35 days,
  • there are no scars after the treatment, no bleeding, and no possibility of damage to facial nerve;

Treatment results:

The effects are noticed immediately after the treatment. The face becomes smoother, firmer and rejuvenated. The effect lasts for a few years. One of the advantages of Happy Lift is the fact, that it does not change the natural features of the face, which often is a disadvantage in traditional, surgical facelift with a scalpel. With this treatment, patients should not be afraid of the mask-like effect - unnatural appearance with over-tightened skin on the face. After some time, the patient may undergo another treatment. Then, more sutures are inserted into the same or new sub dermal areas, in order to enhance the effects or correct the facial asymmetry (congenital in some patients).

Following the treatment, after a few hours, the patient may return home.

happy lift effects

happy lift effects

Unique, biocompatible material

Absorbable, made of polycaprolactone, Happy Lift surgical sutures have excellent biological tolerance. They are absorbed during 8-12 months, as a result of hydrolisation by autologous cells. The degradation process produces molecules of low-molecular-weight, which stimulates creation of collagen and hyaluronic acid. This increases the skin hydration and elasticity, while the lifting effect lasts up to a few years. Caprolactone is a colourless liquid that is dissolved in most organic liquids. During the polymerization process, the target material - polycaprolactone (PCL)- is formed on a thread - it is a synthetic and semi-crystalline, fully biodegradable polymer. Due to its biocompatibility (it is decomposed by hydrolysis of ester bonds) and high thermal stability it is widely applied in biomedical research.

Happy Lift™ threads have a CE mark that guarantees the quality and safety of the product and has also obtained authorizations and recognitions from worldwide Health Ministries and/or health authorities of over 90 countries.