Mesotherapy is a method which has been used in medicine for years, for curing numerous skin disorders. It is administered via injections, containing various types of medicines, vitamins, and minerals, directly into the affected areas. The field of mesotherapy was founded by a French doctor Michel Pistor. Originally, the method was applied for various treatments, including migraine, neurological diseases, varicose veins and respiratory system diseases. The method has had its revival from the 70's and has been widely used by aesthetic medicine and dermatology experts.
Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic medicine treatment aimed at skin regeneration, improving its appearance and at its rejuvenation, cellulite and stretch marks reduction, as well as a solution for treatment and prevention of baldness. Thanks to intradermal injecting of active preparation, the microcirculation in the subcutaneous tissue improves and the metabolism of fat cells (lipolysis) increases. The great popularity of this method is a result of instantly noticeable revitalisation effects, which has an excellent effect on the patients' well being and satisfaction.

Indications for mesotherapy treatment:

  • skin flabbiness
  • prevention of wrinkles
  • prevention of hair loss
  • cellulite (Thighss, belly, buttocks)
  • stretch marks

Advantages of mesotherapy:

  • it is a natural, non-surgical method,
  • the administered medicine solutions cause blocking of the signals of fat accumulation, accelerate blood circulation and energy burning,
  • long lasting effects - smooths up wrinkles, improves hair condition, restores skin smoothness, quickly improves skin condition and appearance,
  • the method has been known and practised in Europe for many years.

Frequency of mesotherapy:

Mesotherapy gives effects only when it is administered as a series of a few treatments. Initially, the patient should undergo one procedure every 10-14 days for two months, and then, in order to maintain the effect, it is advised to repeat one session a month. The best time for the mesotherapy treatment is winter or early spring, as the sun may cause local skin discolouration at the site of injections.

Preparation for mesotherapy:

  • a week before the procedure, it is advisable to rub the preparation of vitamin K - e.g. Auriderm XO into the skin areas to be treated (it seals the epithelium of blood vessels, prevents internal bleeding and has anti-inflammatory and analgesic function),
  • it is recommended not to take aspirin two weeks prior to the treatment,
  • immediately before the session (1-2 hours) topical anaesthesia is commonly applied to the skin surface in the form of e.g. EMLA cream - it should be decided while medical consultation before the mesotherapy session;

The procedure:

The active substances are selected by a doctor on an individual basis for each patient and a special mixture is prepared (usually 3-4 ingredients, e.g. silica, L-carnitine, artichoke extract, caffeine, vitamins), composing a special cocktail. The substances are then injected using a syringe with a very thin needle or a gun automatically regulating the depths of injections. Injections are made every 0.5-1.5 cm. The marks left on the skin resemble lattice pattern (they quickly disappear). The injections are almost pain free, as the needles reach the fat tissue only. In patients with low pain threshold, a local topical anaesthesia can be applied, e.g. with EMLA cream. It sometimes happens, that the syringe punctures a tiny blood vessel and causes a bruise. The treatment is followed by a short massage, so that the injected ingredients are evenly distributed. They are active even a month after the end of the mesotherapy treatment sessions.

Possible inconveniences during therapy:

  • pain during injections - can be eliminated by the application of topical anaesthesia (such as EMLA cream)
  • redness, oedema – occur directly after the procedure – these are skin reactions to injection
  • very rare allergic conditions manifesting with redness – subside without intervention within a few minutes or hours
  • bruises, haematomas - the risk of these complications increases when anticoagulant drugs are taken directly before the procedure (for example aspirin);

In patients with tendency for haematomas it is recommended to reserve 2-3 days to give the skin a chance to regenerate - it's best to take a day off work or plan the procedure directly before a weekend.

Contraindications for mesotherapy:

  • allergy
  • pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • unstable diabetes
  • inflammatory skin conditions, cold sore
  • skin badly tolerating injections (skin with dilated capillaries, the risk of fibrosis)
  • cancer
  • the use of anticoagulation medicines

Mesotherapy in skin rejuvenation:

Mesotherapy is used preventively, as a means of reduction of visible signs of skin ageing, such as wrinkles, flaccidity or thinning. It can be combined with other aesthetic treatments. Cocktails, prepared individually for each patient, are applied for mesotherapy treatments of the face, neck and upper chest. A composition of various revitalising and regenerating ingredients (such as: hyaluronic acid, organic silica and multivitamin complexes which stimulate metabolism of the skin cells and increase collagen and elastin production) improve the skin condition. After a series of mesotherapy sessions, the skin looks more attractively, shallow lines disappear entirely and dipper wrinkles become softened. There is also a visible improvement of the skin tension and firmness.

Frequency of mesotherapy sessions:

  • intensive phase of treatment: 1 procedure every 2 weeks for 2 months
  • maintenance phase: 1 procedure every 1-3 months

Available mesotherapy products:


Excellent chemical composition guarantees high quality of treatments and desired effects for the patient.

Hyaluronic acid: It has hygroscopic properties, the ability to absorb large quantities of water, it increases cell proliferation and contributes to the formation of new blood vessels. It is responsible for the maintenance of the proper viscoelastic balance of the skin and epidermis.

13 vitamins: Vitamin A accelerates cell renewal by regulating the keratinisation and healing processes. Vitamin B influences the metabolism of essential fatty acids, which assure biological balance of the skin. Vitamin C increases the collagen and elastin synthesis in fibroblasts.

6 mineral components: They have various functions in human organism. They are the basic components of the skeletal system, they are necessary for the construction and operation of enzymes and hormones and regulate the water and electrolyte balance within an organism.

6 coenzymes: They accelerate metabolic transformations by limiting the energy necessary for the activation if biochemical reactions. They increase the rate of tissue regeneration.

5 nucleic acids: Nucleic acids enable the regulation of protein synthesis.

2 reducing agents: They are reactive substances, which easily loose 1 or more electrons. Due to this feature, they inhibit free radical damage in the cells of dermis and epidermis.

The advantage of mesotherapy with the use of NCTF composition is the fact, that it is a fully biological treatment. It's a revitalising therapy, that may be applied for many years, without risk. It supplies the skin cells with natural nutrients, essential for its correct functioning. Improvement in the skin condition during the course of treatment is gradual. Nevertheless, the effects are visible since the first session already - the skin is more hydrated and tense. The effects cumulate and, after a few sessions, the skin regains its brightness and becomes smoother, its texture, density and firmness improves.

NCTF HA are the only products affecting both the causes and consequences of skin ageing. The skin is markedly rejuvenated in a natural way.

8 proven properties of NTCF® in anti-ageing efficiency:

1. Active regeneration of skin damages.
2. Active hydration.
3. Improvement of the skin tone.
4. Restoring the ion balance.
5. Stimulation of cell growth.
6. Increasing the density of the dermis.
7. Cell protection.
8. Viscoelastic regeneration.

Frequency of mesotherapy sessions:

Phase 1 - Loading therapy: 4 sessions every 1-2 weeks
Phase 2 - Skin regeneration: 1 session a month for 2 months
Phase 3 - Maintenance of the effects: 1 session every 2-6 months

2) Dermaheal SR i HSR

Products designed for rejuvenation of face, neck and neckline.

They reduce less visible wrinkles, stimulating production of new skin cells. They improve skin elasticity, inducing the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Moreover, they hydrate dry skin and help to sustain its optimum hydration balance.

Dermaheal Mesotherapy stimulates the repair processes in the dermis:

- active regeneration of skin damages,
- improvement in skin tone,
- active hydration,
- restoring the balance of ions,
- stimulation of cell growth,
- increase of the dermis density,
- cellular protection;

Dermaheal SRDermaheal SR - Ageing skin, skin with acne, skin with enlarged pores.

- 57 active ingredients: 5 biomimetic peptides, 13 vitamins, 24 amino acids, 5 minerals, 4 nucleic acids, 2 reducing agents
- 50mg of hyaluronic acid in each ampule,
- prevention of skin ageing,
- anti-wrinkle action,
- acne skin with enlarged pores;

Dermaheal HSRDermaheal HSR (1% hyaluronic acid including Dermaheal SR) - ageing skin, acne skin, skin with enlarged pores, immediate effect.

- 58 active ingredients (50mg HA): Hyaluronic acid (1%), 5 biomimetic peptides, 13 vitamins, 24 amino acids, 5 minerals, 4 coenzymes, 4 nucleic acids, 2 reducing agents
- 50mg of hyaluronic acid in each ampule,
- prevention of skin ageing,
- anti-wrinkle action,
- acne skin with enlarged pores;

Dermaheal brand is a guarantee of high quality and advanced technology of products created by top skin experts in Caregen laboratories. Their innovative formula consists of unique growth factors and biomimetic peptides.

StretchCare3) StretchCare - improvement of skin elasticity and tension.

STRECHCARE – is a high quality composition of hyaluronic acid with revolutionary antioxidant complex DMAE. Along with vitamin B5 and micro elements, STRETCHCARE product acts on the skin causing its strong tension and improving its tone, vitality, hydration and quality. The product, thanks to perfectly composed ingredients, is devoted both to skin lightening and improving its tension as well as to stretch marks reduction.


for flabby skin or skin with signs of flabbiness on the face and body, for stretch marks and discolouration, for improvement of skin vitality;


- tense and elastic skin,
- recovery of skin firmness and smoothness,
- greatly reduced stretch marks and their pigment,
- deep hydration;

Applications: visible skin flabbiness under eyes, the oval of the face, neck, arms, abdomen, inner Thighss.

Mesotherapy in cellulite treatment:

Mesotherapy is irreplaceable in fight against cellulite. Injections of special cocktails improve micro circulation in the subcutaneous tissue and increase the metabolism of fat cells, the tissue fibrosis process is reduced and therefore the fat tissue gets decreased. The result of the treatment is then an overall smoothing of the skin and removal of the orange peel effect. The injections include caffeine, which stimulates the skin micro circulation and influences the fat release from cells. Caffeine may be combined with extracts of artichoke, yellow sweet clover and rutin, which intensify the fat metabolism. The cocktail compositions may be also enriched with organic silica, which regenerates connective tissue and collagen fibres.

Frequency of mesotherapy sessions:

  • intensive phase: 1 session every 10-14 days for one month
  • nursing phase: 1 session a month for three months
  • maintenance session: once in 6 months

Applied cocktail ingredients:

Organic silica
Organic silica is known for its properties of regenerating the connective tissue. It is a component of elastin, collagen and structural glycoproteins. In tissues, it induces the proliferation of fibroblasts and promotes regeneration of collagen fibres.

Artichoke extract
The biologically active chemical constituents of the extract are polyphenolic acids (e.g. cinarine). They influence the glucose and lipid metabolism. Moreover, they inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol and increase its conversion to bile acids.

Yellow sweet clover and rutin extract
The product combines two active ingredients: coumarin derivatives from yellow sweet clover and rutin soluble in water. It restricts formation of swellings, strengthens capillary resistance and integrity. This extract is applied in cellulite mesotherapy to improve the micro circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Caffeine influences the process of lipolysis. It stimulates the breakdown of triglycerides contained in the fat cells to free fatty acids.

L-carnitine and TRIAC (Tiratricol)
They participate in the metabolism of cholesterol and triglycerides into fatty acids. They support the "orange peel" effect elimination and smooth the skin.

Sodium pyruvate
It belongs to alpha-keto acids and has energising effect. It stimulates fibroblasts to production of collagen and elastin. It affects the fatty-acid metabolism.

Mesotherapy in the treatment of excessive hair loss:

One of the most frequent indications for mesotherapy are hair diseases with hair loss or significant weakening of the hair structure. By feeding the scalp with minerals, vitamins and anti-inflammatory medications, it is possible to greatly improve the hair nourishment, inhibit its loss or even cause the regrowth of the lost hair. The treatment of alopecia consists of injecting the formulas that nourish the hair - such as dexpanthenol, minoxidil, oligoelements, organic silica, vitamins or anti-inflammatory drugs, which enhance regeneration of the hair structure.


  • hair loss due to poor diet, poor circulation, hormonal changes during pregnancy and lactation
  • androgenic alopecia
  • alopecia areata
  • weak hair, hair requiring strong nourishment

Frequency of mesotherapy sessions:

  • loading phase of treatment: 1 procedure every 10-14 days for 2 months
  • nursing phase: 1 procedure every month for 3-6 months

Dermaheal HLDermaheal HLApplied cocktail ingredients:

It stimulates the hair follicles and keratinocytes. It accelerates the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and the attachment of cysteine ​​to the hair follicles, which causes the extension of anagen (one of hair growth stages).

It's an organic acid, the product of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) reduction. Because vitamin B5 is a constituent of CoA, it has physiological significance in the process. Coenzyme A affects the regeneration and nourishment of the hair structure.

It regulates functioning of sebaceous glands, which are connected with the hair follicles. Moreover, it reduces seborrhoea, reducing hair loss, which is associated with the inhibition of 5-AR (the enzyme allowing the conversion of testosterone to DHT, which is responsible for androgenic alopecia).

Dermaheal HL
Dermaheal HL product prevents hair loss, gives excellent effects in the treatment of various forms of alopecia. It triggers the process of strengthening and improvement in the appearance of weak and damaged hair.