i-lipo (non-invasive lipolysis)

i-lipo is a noninvasive laser technology, dedicated to noninvasive laser lipolysis. It was introduced to the British market in 2007 by Chromogenex Technologies LTD, a leader among producers of laser technologies and IPL for Aesthetic Medicine.

i-lipo is an innovative technology of diode laser for fractional reduction of excess fat. It is applied for the following treatments:

  • Body contouring
  • Reduction of fatty tissue
  • Reduction of cellulite

i-lipo is an ideal alternative for those patients, who dream of loosing unwanted centimetres of waist, and wish not to undergo any invasive treatments.

i-lipo laser liposuction device offers a way of controlled sculpting of any part of the body. If, despite of following diet and performing exercises, there are places where the fatty bulges do not seem to come off, no matter how much dieting there was or how many exercises were performed, i-lipo will help to slim the target areas. The device influences the fatty cells located just underneath the skin surface. Reduction of their content in a traditional way, by means of dieting, is practically impossible. Even during physical exercises, when the organism increases its energy demand, it does not absorb it from the fatty cells that may be externally influenced by i-lipo, but from those deeper located fat cells. Therefore, also patients who exercise regularly, have problems with reduction of fat located just under the skin.

How does i-lipo work?

The laser heat goes to mitochondrion of each cell - i-lipo brings about chemical signal, using lower range of visible light,

Under the influence of laser heat, the following processes take place:

- increased syntheses of lipase, which breaks down triglycerides into free fatty acids and glycerol inside the fat cells,
- changes in permeability of fatty cell membranes, so that the fatty acids and glycerol are released though channels in the fat cell membranes to extracellular space,

The natural metabolites are then transported to the lymphatic system and transformed in the body tissues into energy, e.g. while performing exercises after the session;

The procedure:

Prior to the session, the target body area, which is to be treated, is measured at three different circumferences (e.g. 3 abdominal measurements; low, mid-level and high), each with a 4 centimetre gap. Immediately after the session, the measurements are taken again at the same points, in order to obtain precise results. The patient observes loss of centimetres after each session. On average, there is a 5 cm loss, in 3 combined circumferential measurements. The maximum value of such measurement, that was obtained during tests performed on a group of 100 patients, was equal 12.5 cm.

Stimulation of lymphatic system during the treatment
During the session, little heads are being attached to a patient's body. Their function is to stimulate the lymphatic system. For the procedure, the lymph nodes closest to the treated area are chosen.

Placement of laser pads
Special laser pads, emitting beams of laser light, which breaks down the fat cells, are placed on patient's body. Each of the i-lipo laser pads consists of 9 laser diodes. The laser pads are placed in each treatment area and protected against movement with a special belt.

Laser activation
The laser light penetrates the adipose tissue, stimulating the reaction of fat breakdown. The exposure to laser light lasts 2-3 ten-minute sessions; it is painless, at the end of the session the patient may feel a gentle warming sensation.

Biochemical cascade
Triglycerides break down into fatty acids and glycerol. Natural cell's elements are released through channels in the fat cell membranes. The fat cell contracts. The fatty acid and glycerol are transported to the lymphatic system and metabolised.

Lymphatic drainage
Lymphatic drainage is performed with a special head Ultra for vacuum-massage, in order to transport the emulsified fat and its metabolites, improve the blood circulation and remove cellulite. As a result, the skin becomes more tight and smooth. This head is also equipped with laser diodes.

i-lipo generates line-shaped laser beam. Thanks to the applied method, the amount of released fat is controlled, which increases the effectiveness of the treatment and prevents the excessive tissue relaxation after the treatment.

The procedure itself is totally painless and lasts for about 10-30 minutes. Within the next few hours after the procedure, the patient is supposed to burn the fat obtained as a result of the treatment. It is recommended for the patient to perform some physical exercises on the treatment day, in order to burn calories. The whole treatment process takes place twice a week, altogether it is 8 sessions on one body area.

Illustration of fat cells' response

1) round fat cells with surrounding fibres

2) after 4 minutes of laser operation on a targeted body area, 80% of fat is released from fat cells throughout cell membrane

3) after 6 minutes, nearly 100% of released fatty acids is outside adipocytes


- pregnancy,
- epilepsy,
- use of photoallergic herbs and medications,
- matal or silicone implants directly at the side of treatment,
- dysrhythmia, cardiac pacemaker,
- cancerous diseases,
- kidney/liver diseases,
- autoimmunological diseases;

- i-lipo is a revolutionary device, which guarantees fast, painless and non-invasive method of immediate elimination of fat accumulated under the skin. The effects are apparent at once and measurable, while the procedure lasts only 20 minutes.

If the patient maintains a healthy diet and sticks with a consistent workout program throughout the treatment process, this excess fat will be removed naturally through the body’s natural detoxification process, shaping the targeted body areas.

Clinical trials with i-lipo:

1) circumference measurement:
- on average 4,16 cm less, after 8 sessions around the waist,
- on average 1,5 cm less, after 8 sessions around thighs;

2) ultrasound measurement of the adipose tissue thickness:
- measurement 1: on average, reduction of adipose tissue layer thickness by 5,1 mm, without compression, by 1,75 mm - with compression,
- measurement 2: on average, reduction of adipose tissue layer thickness by 5,6 mm, by 4,0 mm - with compression,
- generally all patients - average reduction of fat tissue layer by 18%;

3) reduction of adipose tissue mass (evaluation in kg):
- on average, 4,8% reduction of adipose tissue mass, after 8 sessions, around the waist,
- on average 2,41% reduction of adipose tissue mass, after 8 sessions, around t highs,
- in 1 patient, measured after 8 sessions, total reduction of adipose tissue mass was 7,84%;

4) histological examination with the use of light microscope:
- visible reduction of subcutaneous tissue thickness (fat layer),
- reduction in fat cell size (adipocytes),
- reduction in number of fibrous septa between fat lobules,
- restructuring of adipocyte cell membrane, including surface restructuring and fat cell longitudinal extension, comparing to a cell filled with fat,
- lack of necrosis and destruction of the surrounding structures (epidermis, blood vessels, collagen fibres);

5) biochemical analysis:
- increase in the concentration of glycerol to 233,5 ug/g after i-lipo session, in comparison to 177,16 ug/g in people who did not undergo the procedure (control group, p=0,043), which gives on average 30% increase,
- increase of collagen synthesis up to 46,2 ug/ml in the treated tissue, comparing with 40,25 ug/ml in control group - who did not undergo the procedure (p=0,001), which gives on average 15% increase of synthesis; collagen takes part in reconstruction of skin and subcutaneous tissue, resulting in fat tissue contraction, which prevents skin roughness and folding after the procedure and decreases cellulite effect;

Effects: before and after 8 sessions

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Are the effects of i-lipo treatment durable?

As with any weight loss treatment, obtaining and maintaining the desired effect requires from the patient introduction of some changes in life style.

During i-lipo treatment, we advise patients to comply their treatment process, lasting for about 4 weeks, with modification of their eating habits and exercise program. Research proves, that intensifying physical activity improves the treatment results up to 150%.

Therefore, if you wish to permanently enjoy your sculptured, slimmed body shape, we recommend to take care of proper diet and regular exercising.