VISIA – evaluation and analysis of facial skin.

VISIA – advanced facial skin assessment and analysis system. Visia is a device, that uses advanced technology to precisely analyse the face skin. During the procedure we can illustrate : the amount of wrinkles, pigmentation disorders, UV spots, layouts of blood vessels, number of pores, number of skin inequalities structure 
( level of smoothness ), number of porphyrins, number of eyelashes. The treatment allows to visualize the skin fragments in 3D. It also allows to stimulate the process of skin aging, or skin rejuvenation by 5-7 years. 
Thanks to the study process of this treatment, we obtain an objective documentation of the skin condition. We can offer specific therapies, and calculate its effectiveness after some time.

Using the Visia system allows patients to participate in treatment and increase their satisfaction, thanks to recommended treatments and programs. It results with optimal skin health. The advanced technology of Visia, from CANFIELD company, provides a valuable assessment of the skin condition.

The system displays the skin condition on the monitor, and it also allows to print the analysis and it lets to track the progress, achieved during subsequent treatments.

RBX ( Red/Brown Subsurface Analysis ) technology, registered by Canfield company, provides the unique ability to detect and analyse subcutaneous blood vessels ( red ones ) and melanin ( brown ones ) to plan the necessary treatments.

Action of the treatment

The test takes just a few minutes. After the make-up removal of the skin, the three pictures ( left profile, front profile and right profile ) are taken, and then the photos are analysed by computer.

The main advantages of VISIA, the skin analysis system:

  • numerical diagnosis of the skin characteristics. The measurement of the amount of hyperpigmentation, sunspots, aging spots, reddened areas ( assessment of the blood vessels condition ), wrinkles, skin structure, size and condition of pores, porphyrins and photophobes.
  • comparison of skin condition. Comparison of the skin qualities of a woman or man, both in the same ages and with the same skin type, but generally with different cases. Repeatability of “before” and “after” photos, in the same position, thanks to built-in alignment and standardized lighting process.
  • multispectral imaging. It uses standard, polarized UV photography to save and allow reading of the areal and subcutaneous skins measurements.
  • RBX technology. The subsurface study of the red and brown traits, provides unparalleled analysis and diagnostics, incl. erythema, acne rosacea, cracked blood vessels, hyperpigmentations, or acne itself.
  • customizable reports. They provide an easy-to-understand description of the result of the treatment, including recommendations for improving the condition and appearance of the skin.
  • comprehensive face picture. On the screen, of the VISIA system, the entire face, from the chin to the hairline, is showed. It is particularly useful, during the analysis of the skin and wrinkles structure.
  • front and side face analysis. VISIA allows to analyse the front, left and right sides of face views. Every detail of the condition of client's complexion, can be thoroughly examined and displayed as well.
  • stimulation of the aging process. Stimulation of aging process for 5-7 years forward, or visualization of the patient's rejuvenation up to 5-7 years, by hyperpigmentation removing and wrinkles removing.
  • closeups. The possibility of the close-up process, of every area of the face. This process is made in order for precise diagnosis. The face photo is showed on the screen. It allows to navigate on it, without any difficulty.