Dermal WM - vacuous mesotherapy.


mezoterapia próżniowa Dermal WMDermal WM is an innovative device, that relates needle and microneedle mesotheraphy, using the vacuum. The vacuum system pulls the epidermis away from the deeper layers of the skin, and thereby, it ensures the painlessness of the treatment. Then the preparation is administered, by a five-needle or single-needle tip, very precisely. The preparation is administered to preprogrammed depth with the pre-determined dose.

The first use of the multi-needle vacuum system + vacum (vacuous aspiration of the skin) allows to prosecute the treatment with:

  • no bruises,
  • no hemangiomas,
  • no feeling of bursting,
  • no pain, even in the eye area;

mezoterapia próżniowa Dermal WMDermal VM allows to prosecute the treatment with the single-needle or multi-needle (5 needles), at a depth of 0.2mm to 20mm. It gives us a possibility of adjusting the exact volume of the injected preparation. It ensures, that the incjected preparation is resolved steadily.

mezoterapia próżniowa Dermal WM mezoterapia próżniowa Dermal WM

The preparations, which can be administered:

  • hyaluronic acid (crosslinked and non-crosslinked)
  • platelet-rich plasma (PRP)
  • mesococktail (in different densities)
  • botox, e.g. hyperhidrosis treatment

Intuitive software allows for changing the operating parameters during the treatment:

  • depth of the preparation implementing
  • volume of the injected preparation
  • time of the implementation
  • method of the implementation (continuous, intermittent, controlled)
  • rate of punctures
  • possibility of working with nappage method, or with the bubble method
  • single needle or multi-needle operation

Injecting with vacuum using:

  • selection of the product's density
  • selection of the syringe's volume

Dermal WM has a patented backflow lock system. It guarantees no product loss - it uses 100% of the intended preparation to the treatment. It reduces the treatment duration, thereby it improves the patient's feeling, by enhancing the effectiveness and comfort of the treatment.

Dermal WM offers the possibility to conduct the treatments on all parts of the body:

  • on the hairy scalp
  • facial
  • neck
  • cleavage
  • hands
  • stomach
  • thighs
  • buttocks
  • underarms, feets and hands (hyperhidrosis botox treatment)
  • in anti-aging prophylaxis
  • baldness and hair loss
  • problems with cellulite and stretch marks
  • problems with fat excess


  • oral isotretinoin therapy
  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • before taking too long sun exposure
  • active skin infections (viral or bacterial)
  • cancers
  • antithrombotic therapy
  • tendency to formation of keloids