Aesthetic dermatology

medycyna_estetyczna Aesthetic medicine is a field of medicine which arose out of the needs of our time. Thanks to advancement of medicine, today people live longer enjoying their good physical and mental condition. Since it has always been a natural desire of every human being to live long, with a feeling of wellbeing and at the same time look attractive, the aesthetic medicine physicians are searching for more and more advanced and safe solutions, to fulfil the dreams of eternal youth. We are used to thinking, that medicine fights against diseases, yet, the aesthetic medicine deals with prediction and preventive treatment long before the disease occurs. It helps people to modify their lifestyle in such a way, that they are able to enjoy good health, wellbeing and high quality of life as long as possible. Aesthetic medicine is one of the youngest branches of medicine and the only one dealing with broadly defined human wellbeing - equally concerning the beauty and body aesthetics and human functional capacity. As a scientific movement it originated in France in 1973, founded by French endocrinologist J.J. Legrand. In Poland - 20 years later. It was called "medicine du bienetre" - medicine of wellbeing. The aim of this field of medicine is human aesthetics, arising from harmonious and correct functioning of the organism as well as from the desire for possibly longest enjoyment of wellbeing and preservation of high-quality life. As such, it promotes broadly defined preventive health care, proper style of living and ageing prevention, meaning slowing down its advancement, preserving fitness, attractive appearance and wellbeing. Prevention of aesthetic defects is the most effective and the least expensive strategy to fight the early ageing process. In our culture, visible signs of ageing are associated as a kind of stigma, which discriminate the elderly people against the younger and healthier generations. So, as patients say "...I want to age with dignity, though ... I prefer to age at the latest and looking well". The primary objective of aesthetic medicine is to provide patient with high quality of life, that is living life to the fullest, in good condition, actively, staying physically and mentally fit, able to independently take care of personal needs and offering support to others.

In order to achieve proper results of treatment, the cooperation of medical specialists and cosmeticians, massage therapists and biological regeneration specialists, with significant support of aesthetic medicine physicians in diagnosis and therapy, is required.

Aesthetic medicine helps to keep your beauty as long as possible or to regain it thanks to weigh loss, physical activity and the treatments performed by physicians only, such as laser treatments, injections, peels and various specialist devices (e.g. for microdermabrasion). Mostly, patients of aesthetic medicine salons are basically healthy. Their problem lies in the lack of acceptance for their body. They usually complain about being overweight, having cellulite and other skin defects, e.g. pigmented skin lesions, scars, dilated blood vessels and wrinkles.