Exelo 2

EXELO 2 is a fractional CO2 laser from german company Quantel Derma. It is equipped with a scanned that induces thermal micro-injuries on the skin, in the form of 250um. tubules.
The heat stimulation of collagen neosynthesis causes visible tension and improvement of skin texture, while the microscopic ablation zones additionally accelerate the emergence of new epidermis on the treated area.

EXELO 2 - the best result of combination of thermal and ablation factors:

1) thermal factors:
- effective in deep parts of the dermis

- stimulation of collagen’s production

2) ablation:
- improvement of skin’s tone
- texture improvement
- reconstruction of the epidermis

EXELO 2 - benefits:

- very quick procedure-the whole face’s procedure takes 10-15minutes,
- 3 to 5 treatments-depending on the indications,
- without long-time convalescence-scabs up to 5 days,
- full ablation and surgery functions,
- “jumping scanner”-low risk of pigmentation changes,
- random mode-better appearance after the procedure,
- blur of the field edge for a better treatment effect,
- very good clinical results



1) function of fractional ablation:
- rejuvenation and tightening of damaged skin,
- numerous wrinkles over the face area, neck and cleavage area,
- reduction of hyperpigmentation: after solar ones, melasma,
- smoothing of acne scars, post-traumatic scars (atrophic and hypertrophy),
- stretch marks reduction;

2) function of full ablation:
- cutaneous markers, fibromas, viral warts, seborrheic warts,
- actinic keratosis,
- hypertrophic scars,
- yellow tufts;

3) function of surgical scalpel;

The course of the procedure::

After local anesthesia, the treated area is irradiated with a special scanner. The shape and size of the field are selected individually, as well as energy, the length of the pulse duration and the degree of "punching" of the skin (defined in the number of pts/cm2). During the treatment the skin is cooled thanks to the cooler integrated with the scanner. The patient's feelings are usually not painful, slight burning can be felt. Immediately after the treatment erythema appears on the skin. In the period of convalescence redness and swelling of the skin is observed, followed by quite significant exfoliation of the epidermis. In the case of more aggressive treatment parameters, it may be necessary to exclude yourself from social life for a few days.


- oral therapy with isotretinoin (Izotek, Curacne, Aknenormin) or with steroids - min. 3 months after the end of therapy,
- skin cancer,
- pregnancy and breastfeeding,
- active bacterial and viral infections of the skin,
- chronic inflammatory dermatoses (eg. psoriasis, atopic dermatitis),
- a period of 4 weeks from filling wrinkles with hyaluronic acid;

Proceeding after the treatment:

- skin care with mild moisturizing and regenerating creams (eg. Cetaphil MD, Cetaphil PS, Cetaphil washing emulsion, Cicalfate Avene, Zinalfat, etc.),
- sun protection-application of creams with SPF 50+ for a period of about 4 weeks after the procedure,
- makeup: can be done a few days after the procedure,
- social convalescence: 4-7 days;

Treatment effects: Exelo 2

Exelo 2 - efekty pozabiegowe Exelo 2 - efekty pozabiegowe Exelo 2 - efekty pozabiegowe Exelo 2 - efekty pozabiegowe Exelo 2 - efekty pozabiegowe Exelo 2 - efekty pozabiegowe Exelo 2 - efekty pozabiegowe