Enerpeel EL

It is a peeling for the treatment of two major signs of skin ageing:
- the peri-ocular (around the eyes),
- peri-orbital areas (around the lips).

These are the areas of the face which show our age the most, therefore, patients very often seek for special ways of their rejuvenation. The areas around the eyes and lips are especially difficult to treat, considering their delicate nature and functions.

Wrinkles around the eyes, so called "crow's feet" are the effect of photoageing and contraction of the muscles around eyes.

The wrinkles radiating from the lips result from the contraction of the mouth circular muscle and may be more visible in smokers.

- lactic acid - 15%,
- trichloroacetic acid - 3.75%,
- a combination of lactic and trichloroacetic acids is enhanced by a well known synergistic effect of treating the skin with the AHA acids or the Jessner's solution before the application of the trichloroacetic acid,
- the combination of the two acids enables obtaining better effects with less trichloroacetic acid, which lowers the level of trauma to the skin surface,
- it has been also proved that the lactic acid reduces the biosynthesis of melanin, which is useful not only for the treatment of acne, but also reduces the risk of post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, which can occur after chemical peeling;

The procedure:

The peeling is a three-phase treatment. The active preparation is distributed on the skin surface around the eyes and lips with special applicators. Such form of application allows for effective control of the acid dose. The unique applicator resembles a marker, with a plushy tip, which ensures that the acids are delivered onto the skin in a uniform and consistent way.

After the session

- practically, there are no side effects, which could reduce patient's everyday activity,
- potential side affects include some skin redness and peeling,
- for a few weeks following the treatment it is advised to apply sun protection SPV>30,
- between treatments, additional skin-care products are recommended (Fillast EL, Terproline contour lips&eyes), which complement the therapy;

How many treatments are required?
It is advised to have 4 sessions every 7-14 days, twice a year.

Enerpeel Neck

It is a peeling designed to fight with the signs of ageing of a delicate skin of the neck and neckline.

pyruvic acid 35%,
- lactic acid 5% - modulates the process of melanin biosynthesis, even after neutralization; the preparation works in the skin even after the end of the treatment, helping to achieve optimal results;

The basis of Enerpeel Neck optimal outcomes is the combination of two acids:
pyruvic and lactic with the supporting action of acetylglucosamine, one of the agents forming hyaluronic acid monomers.

Targeted indications:

Photoageing of the skin on the neck and neckline with low or moderate intensity:
- skin discolouration caused by the sun,
- low elasticity of the skin in the neck and neckline area,
- wrinkles, dry skin;

Effects of the treatment:

- improvement of the skin firmness in the area of the neck and neckline,
- improvement of the skin tone, reduction of discolouration,
- better skin moisturisation,
- reduction of wrinkles;

After the session:
- delicate redness,
- there might appear slight skin flaking.

How many treatments are recommended?
It is advised to have 4 sessions every 7-14 days, twice a year.