ionto ice heatIt is a method, whose effectiveness has been proved with medical tests, which combines the action of rejuvenating substances with cryotherapy. The cryotherapy uses low temperatures for therapeutical purposes. During the treatment, the device discharges cold through a probe (from -10 to 18 degrees Celsius) directly on the skin. The action of Cryolift causes radical cooling of the skin, which promotes increased microcirculation, oxygenation and nutrition of dermal cells and enables better penetration of active ingredients. The treatment excellently firms the skin of the face, neck and neckline, lifts sagging cheeks, visibly reducing the "hamster/chipmunk cheeks". It may be used for firming the skin on the abdomen or breasts (e.g. after pregnancy). The procedure is totally painless. The skin regains its firmness, elasticity and radiance.


- tired and flabby skin - it regains its smoothness and radiance,
- firming of the inner parts of arms,
- skin flaccidity on the abdomen and breasts,
- support of the stretch-marks treatment,
- bags under eyes, drooping eyelids,
- oxygenation of the skin,
- an excellent banquet facial treatment before an important event,
- efficient in elimination of discolouration, as melanonocytes are sensitive to low temperature and their breakdown takes place at -7 degrees Celsius;

Due to stabilised cold of -15°C, the active ingredients of the applied preparations are able to penetrate the skin deeper and their active agents are entirely absorbed.


The gel contains a unique, polirevitalising complex (vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids, minerals, reducing agents), which nourishes the skin and boosts its natural regeneration, as well as giving an immediate effect of hydration.


- problems with sinuses, frequent colds,
- herpes,
- migraines,
- pregnancy.