Mesolift - rejuvenating cocktail

The mesolift procedure consists of injecting unstabilized hyaluronic acid into the outer surface of the skin of the face, neck and upper chest, which gives immediate effects of hydration, improvement of the skin quality and tone.

Hyaluronic acid complements the hydration and elasticity of skin, which visibly decrease while ageing. Sodium hyaluronate is a substance naturally occurring in the skin cells. As we age, the amount of the substance reduces and wrinkles appear. Hyaluronic acid, when injected into the skin by means of needle mesotherapy, may significantly moderate the process of ageing, increasing its density and restoring its firmness. Moreover, it restores the ideal, physiological environment for increased proliferation and migration of fibroblasts as well as it protects fibroblasts against cytotoxic effects of free radicals. The procedure results in nourishing and smoothing wrinkles. The face becomes healthier and radiant and glowing.

Mesolift products used in Laser-Medica:

Restylane Vital Restylane Skinboosters

Skinboosters products represent a new class of stabilized hyaluronic acid preparations of NASHA technology. These products are dedicated for rejuvenation and revitalization of skin of the entire body, in particular, the areas which are difficult to improve, such as the skin around eyes, lip surrounding area, the red part of the lip, the skin of neck and upper chest and the outer surface of hands.

The recommended series of 3 sessions, with 2-4 week intervals, guarantees spectacular aesthetic effects:

- renewal of skin structure,
- increase in skin elasticity,
- smoothing of facial lines,
- restoration of the adequate skin hydration level,
- long-term effect of revitalisation,
- radiant appearance and regeneration of skin day by day;


1.Restylane Vital (normal skin rejuvenation) is a mild gel designed to revitalize mature skin with visible signs of photodamage. Gently and naturally smoothing the skin, it makes the complexion looking healthy. It guarantees long-term effect.

2. Restylane Vital Light (sensitive skin rejuvenation) is a smooth and mild gel dedicated for revitalisation of the skin without visible symptoms of photodamage. It's suitable for the application in sensitive areas, such as neck, upper chest and the outer side of hands.

StylAge Hydro Max guarantees exceptionally effective mesotherapy treatment thanks to combination of cross-linked hyaluronic acid and an antioxidant (mannitol), which protects the skin from free radicals and reduces the risk of bruises and swelling during the procedure. The skin regains its optimum hydration level, it gets smoother and firmer to the touch.

Stylage Hydro Max

Teosyal Redensity it's a new product from the Teoysal PureSense line, containing lidocaine.

While ageing, the amount of collagen fibres in the skin, responsible for its firmness, and the elastin fibres, responsible for its tension, decreases. As a result, we observe depression areas in our skin, which looses its reflectivity. This leads to the occurrence of shadowed facial zones.

Redensity is a totally new concept, combining the techniques of fillers and mesotherapy. The treatment helps to restore the skin's structure and strengthens its ability to reflect light. A simple, effective therapy, recommended every three weeks, optimum amount of sessions - 3. The effects are visible already after the first treatment.