Permanent make-up

trs250Make-up is extremely important in every woman's life, as it is a foundation of attractive appearance. Spring is the time of metamorphosis, transformation and sensuality, therefore, remembering about ladies, who wish to bring out the beauty and highlight the advantages of their good looks, we would like to offer a NOVELTY in our centre:
PERMANENT MAKE-UP PUREBEAU, which aims at perfecting, as well as emphasizing the natural facial features and the pursuit of excellence.

PURBEBEAU - based on the existing methods of permanent make-up, which are being constantly modified, Purebeau has developed an innovative method for skin pigmentation. The device operates entirely within the epidermis, where there are no blood vessels or pain receptors. The pigments used during the treatment are synthetic and fulfil the highest purity requirements (naturally occurring iron oxides, inorganic compounds). All PUREBEAU inks and micropigments have been subject to biological, dermatological and toxicological tests and were given a numerical index, which means they are perfectly safe for both the skin and the whole organism.

Permanent make-up may be also a great way of camouflage, hiding skin imperfections, such as freckles, discolouration, scars. It has the features of a short-term tattoo, lasting in the structure of the skin, depending on its type and colour, from 2 to 5 years, which enables correction of the make-up, as the face features change over time.


The procedure lasts from 1-3 hours, depending on the surface of the target area. It requires a two-phase anaesthesia:

  • EMLA - cream, which is a topical anaesthetic, applied about 30-40 minutes before the session
  • TAG#45/Numpot - analgesic ointment offering pain relief for broken skin

* there is also a possibility of local anaesthesia with lignocaine - performed by a doctor

Before the procedure of skin pigmentation, the shape and shade of make-up is determined, meaning it is matched to the patient's tone of skin and type of beauty. During the session, local redness may appear, as well as a swelling, which goes away on the next day (with more sensitive skin types it may persist up to 2 days).

On the day of the treatment, the pigments used during the session are very intensive and bright. During the healing phase, the pigment rinses off and fades by about 20-50%, and so it is necessary to repeat the pigmentation process after about 14 days.

For the first week, the treated skin should not be washed with a soap or any other hygienic preparations and colour cosmetics. The skin may be washed with Marseille soap or water alone.

Scabs or swellings should not be picked or scraped off, they must fall off naturally.

It is also recommended to avoid sauna, swimming pool or a gym, as well as exposing the treated skin to the sun for about 1 month.

It is necessary to use the skin care products recommended by the practitioner performing the permanent make-up. Eye cream may be applied at night only.

In case of permanent make-up for the lips, it is advised to drink all beverages through a straw. Avoid kissing or direct sunlight, as it may greatly fade the procedure outcome. Ointments should be applied regularly to keep the treated area moisturised and to prevent cracking in the skin. After each meal, the lips should be washed with Marseille soap.

In case of permanent make-up of the lips, it is necessary to apply anti-herpes medication (Heviran - it is possible to get the recipe during consultation) a week before and after the procedure. This also applies to patients who do not confirm susceptibility to the herpes virus.


  • infection
  • diabetes
  • taking steroids
  • pregnancy
  • psoriasis