Cosmelan / Dermamelan

Cosmelan - the most effective whitening therapy, comparing to other depigmentation treatments currently available on the market.

Dermamelan - is the Cosmelan successor, yet containing higher concentration of the active ingredients and therefore, it is effective for pigmentation that has failed to resolve after traditional skin lightening products.

Properties of Cosmelan and Dermamelan:

  • they contain brightening agents with immediate effect,
  • they are very effective in treatment of hormonal skin discolouration, especially melasma,
  • they very clearly brighten up small and specific spots such as freckles, sun spots and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation,
  • they are safe,
  • the treatment can be applied all year round,
  • they are suitable for all phototypes and types of skin,
  • they regulate sebum production and reduce enlarged pores,
  • they stimulate collagen reconstruction;

Active ingredients:

  • azelaic and koic acids - inhibit the synthesis of tyrosinase, a key enzyme in the melanin formation, act as antibacterial agents and regulate sebum production,
  • alpha-arbutin - inhibits the synthesis of tyrosinase,
  • Rumex canadensis (occidentalis) - rumex extract, originally found on the prairies of northern Canada; strong tyrosinase inhibitor, anti-redness action,
  • Tyrosinol complex - tyrosinase inhibitor, inhibits the synthesis of melanin,
  • Aloe Vera extract (Aloe Barbadensis) - soothes, relieves irritation and rejuvenates,
  • liquorice extract (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - has antibacterial and astringent properties, therefore it stimulates the healing process of inflammatory conditions,
  • niacinamide - has anti-inflammatory properties,
  • bisabolol - rejuvenates the skin,
  • ethoxydiglycol - gives rejuvenating effects, increases penetration of other active ingredients,
  • salicylic acid - has antibacterial properties,
  • vitamin E - antioxidant,
  • vitamin A - rejuvenates, intensifies cell regeneration,
  • vitamin C - has anti-oxidative properties, stimulates the synthesis of collagen, strengthens blood vessels;

The treatment with Cosmelan/Dermamelan is a two-phase procedure:

1. In the treatment room, the doctor cleanses and degreases the skin and then, he/she applies Cosmelan 1/Dermamelan 1 cream mask (which is brown/yellow in colour).

2. Then, the patient leaves the clinic with the cream mask on and removes it with water after a few hours. The length of time when the mask should remain on the skin will be decided by the doctor being in charge of the treatment and it will depend on the patient's skin phototype and the kind of applied preparation. After the Cosmelan/Dermaelan mask is removed, to maintain the effects of the therapy, Cosmelan 2/Dermamelan 2 cream should be used for about 2-3 months, and, additionally, in the initial phase, Hydravital K cream, which gives moisturising, anti-inflammatory and calming effects.

COSMELAN 2 / DERMAMELAN 2 - a cream maintaining the effect of the treatment.

It enhances removal of discolouration, regulates the sebum production, reduces pores and prevents hyperpigmentation. One of the cream ingredients is a high UV filter, which protects the skin during the bleaching therapy. The cream nourishes and moisturises skin intensively after the procedure and is a complementation of the treatment, it keeps the skin smooth and elastic. It should be applied according to the doctor's recommendations.


The best effects are obtained with discolouration occurring as a result of hormonal imbalances (melasma) in patients with oily and combination skins, as then the treatment eliminates the pigmentation lesions, regulates sebaceous secretion, reduces enlarged pores and gives the effect of glowing, radiant skin.

The condition of the treated skin improves a week after the first mask application was removed. The pace of the healing progress depends on type of the skin. In case of dark complexion (phototype IV and V) dark spots disappear or fade remarkably after 8-10 days. In patients with light complexion (skin phototype I and II) and skin phototype III - fair-haired and dark-haired people with light eye colour - disappearance or fading of the spots is observed between the 8th and the 21st day following the treatment. Full effects are obtained after a month.

In 99% of cases the intensity of spot pigmentation is reduced by 95%!