DesirialDesirial is the first in the world range of products in the form of antioxidant (mannitol) hyaluronic acid (patented IPN-like Technology) gel, dedicated to preserve women's intimate health.

Desirial is designed to treat different cutaneous needs of peri-menopausal, menopausal women and women in reproductive age, suffering from dehydration of the vulva or hypotrophy or atrophy of the vulva labia mojora and pubic mound.

Desirial means both the improvement in everyday functioning of a woman (practising sports, wearing tight-fitting clothes, sex) as well as of the aesthetics of women's intimate area, which generally leads to the improvement of quality of life.

Desirial, combined with the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and emollients may become standard in the treatment of intimate concerns related to menopause.

Injection of cross-linked hyaluronic acid DESIRIAL® into the dermis of the labium promotes its rehydration, biostimulation and restoration of fibroplast activity, while maintaining proper functioning of the female genital tissues.

DESIRIAL is a high-quality solution, offering the patients long-term effects in improving the symptoms and restoration of vaginal and vulvar anatomic changes.

DESIRIAL improves the structure of the skin and improves its firmnes and elasticity.

Did you know, that:

  • 25% of women with the problem of vaginal and vulvar dryness seek help from their physician
  • 16% of women asked by their doctor, admits they have the problem
  • 58% of women suffers from vaginal and vulvar dryness
  • 43% of women complains about problems with sex life caused by vaginal and vulvar dryness
  • 26% of women avoid sex because of vaginal discomfort
  • 83% of menopausal women do not talk about their intimate problems
  • 59% of affected women hide the problem from their partners
  • 71% of women do not cure the symptoms

The procedure:

Before the treatment, the skin of intimate area should be shaved. The doctor disinfects and numbs the target area. Using a cannula, the doctor injects hyaluronic acid into the dermis of the labium. The procedure lasts about 30 minutes.

The effect is immediate and lasts from 1 to 2 years, after about 2 weeks, Desirial increases its volume by about 20-30%.


- pregnancy,
- infections in the treatment area.

Effects of Desirial treatment:

Desirial - effects