Desirial - revitalization

Vaginal dryness

Desirial - revitalization

Vaginal dryness is believed to affect one in six women.

Vaginal and/or vulvar dryness may occur in women at any age, having either iatrogenic origin (e.g. as a consequence of taking isotretinoin, tricyclic antidepressants, neuroleptics, etc.) or linked to menopause, particularly in the absence of Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT).

During menopause, estrogen production declines, leading to reduction in the activity of fibroblasts and consequently to progressive hypotrophy of the dermis and flattening of dermal-epidermal junction:

The vaginal mucosa becomes dry (vascularity of connective tissue is reduced, the tissue is less hydrated and thinner), just like the skin on the whole body. The glandular cells, having less nutrients, gradually become atrophic and function poorly.

The skin looses its elasticity. The collagen and elastin fibres degenerate and decrease; fibroblasts become less active, the production of Type III collagen increases, while the production of Type III collagen decreases.

As a result, the skin looses its elasticity, becomes dry, flaccid and more sensitive. Estrogen levels drop (due to menopause), which leads to gradual labia majora hypotrophy, accompanied by vulvar dryness.

DESIRIAL visco-suplement solution, which has been especially dedicated to women's intimate health, opens new treatment options in gynaecology and aesthetic medicine.

DESIRIAL - indications:

  • vaginal dryness,
  • irritation causing itching and discomfort,
  • the feeling of pulling and heat in peri-menopausal women,
  • vulvodynia (a chronic pain or discomfort syndrome that affects the female intimate areas).


biostimulation or rehydration of medium to deep dermal layers,

increasing the volume and hydration level of the skin, stimulation of fibroblasts to increase the collagen synthesis (necessary to assure proper filling of the skin).

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