Power Patch

Power Patch

Power Patch

Power Patch is a microelectronic cosmetic patch. It is the optimization of the properties of a transdermic patch together with microelectronic unit placed inside the patches. Power Patch is supplied with a battery providing a constant electrical current, which is totally harmless to the skin. The electrical current produces the ionophorous phenomenon. The process ensures faster and deeper penetration of the active ingredients into the epidermis, which enables immediate effects within only 20 minutes.

Power Patch - how it works

Anti-age Power

It is a cosmetic treatment for correcting the signs of ageing around the eye area. It softens wrinkles, crow's feet, fades up discolouration and restores the skin firmness. It contains hyaluronic acid for intensive moisturisation and DMAE to reduce the skin flaccidity.

Eye-light Power

It is a therapy preventing bags, dark circles and swelling around the eyes (so called "puffy eyes"). It contains hyaluronic acid for intensive rehydration, horse chestnut extract that works to stimulate capillary circulation, reduces bags and dark circles, and also a vegetable complex to drain excessive fluid and eliminate grey-blue shades.


Power Patch - effects