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NOWOŚĆ! Regeneration with your stem cells and growth factors.

komórki macierzysteStem cells are the ‘motor’ of the whole organism. They have a big cell nucleus, a lot of genetic material and not much cytoplasm. What differs them from the ‘regular’ cells is the ability to unlimited number of divisions and to continuous renewal (most of the cells are divided a particular number of times, then they die, and they are replaced by new cells). These abilities enable stem cell to differentiate, so reconstructing and regenerating the worn cells of different tissues, for example stem cells of the skin can form fresh cells responsible for pigmentation.

Because of genesis, we can divide stem cells into: embryonal (embryonic), fetal (multipotent cells which can be drawn from cord blood) and somatic cells which are mature (these cells occur only in an organism of an adult person). It is these last cells that are used in the latest aesthetic medicine. Stem cells have two important features: potentially unlimited number of divisions and the ability to differentiate to other types of cells.

Most stem cells occur in bone marrow, peripheral blood and fat. The fact that stem cells occur in the bone marrow has been known since the middle of the last century when bone marrow transplantation was used in the treatment of leukemia. The first successful bone marrow transplantation in the world is dated on 1961 and it was a transplant of stem cells. Transplanted donor stem cells recreate hematopoietic system of the recipient.

If during the treatment stem cells are given into a place, they recognize the environment. Stem cells have the feature of tropism, so they receive stimuli, recognize the problem and regenerate the damaged areas. They ‘know where they are and what is happening around them’ and just ‘wait’ for the signal from the organism in order to transform. What is more, they release various substances- cytokines, which are responsible not only for regeneration of tissues but also for the formation of new blood vessels and the treatment of inflammatory conditions.

komórki macierzysteRejuvenation of stem cells is real. Because of them, a person looks a dozen years younger and much fresher. The wrinkles are smooth, the complexion becomes brighter, falling cheeks are lifted, the discoloration and enlarged pores disappear. In short, by the regeneration of your own tissues, the withdrawal of time appears. The effect is completely physiological and natural. There are no absurd exaggerations such as unduly tightened or featured skin or so-called mask effect, which are the problems of other methods. As the appearance improves gradually through regenerative processes, neither the skin nor the subcutaneous tissue is damaged. The result grows with each passing day, from the first weeks up to the year.

CGFs (MEDIF) is the latest and safest therapy in regenerative medicine that uses stem cells and growth factors.

Stem cells and growth factors are in your blood, and their job is to create and regenerate cells.

This is a breakthrough in skin revitalization and conditioning! Natural, completely safe and without the risk of allergies or complications.

komórki macierzyste

Concentrated CGF Growth Factors - CGF kits were developed in 2008 by a scientist and biologist Tiziano Batani (St. Sofia, Italy). Since 2006 he has conducted a number of scientific studies in obtaining the most valuable blood cells.

Concentrated Growth Factors are proteins involved in complex tissue repair and regeneration processes. Because of them, cells can communicate information to each other because they interact with the receptors present in their cell membranes. CD34 + stem cells have specific "intelligence" and the ability to "repair" the current damages done on different tissues. Given to a particular tissue, they adopt its form. By delivering extra concentrated growth factors and CD34 + cells to the skin, the results in aesthetic anti-aging medicine are much better. Regenerative therapies with their use are evaluated by doctors around the world as giving the best results against the patient's expectations.

Indications for the procedure:

  • Revitalization of facial skin, neck, hands and neckline
  • Wrinkles
  • Hair loss
  • A limp skin of the face and bod
  • After fat and hair transplantation
  • Prevention of aging

What are the effects of the treatment?

  • Visible rejuvenation and refreshing of the skin
  • Reduction of fine wrinkles
  • Increased elasticity and firmness of the skin
  • Skin regeneration and nourishment
  • Improving the color and texture of the skin
  • Reducing the hair loss

How is the procedure performed?

komórki macierzysteThe whole procedure starts with the venous blood collection of the patient, which is then subjected to a centrifuge fractionation process in a special cell separator where the temperature and speed are precisely controlled at each stage , and because of which stem cells and growth factors are isolated.

komórki macierzysteAs a result of this process, optimal separation of growth factors and CD34 + stem cells with regenerative qualities is achieved. CGF therapy is an advanced and effective method of counteracting aging because it is based on the most natural ways of rejuvenation.

We have 2 types of treatment sets available:


Liquid phase of concentrated growth factors - mesotherapy. It is a newly developed technique combined with the induction of collagen (ICF) before application. It provides intensive skin rejuvenation, improves elasticity, tension and density of the skin, inhibits hair loss and alopecia, accelerates the healing process.


Natural filler rich in Concentrated Growth Factors CGF and CD34 + cells. Effectively works in non-surgical facial augmentation, lip augmentation, changing the lip contour, facial wrinkles removal, facial aesthetics in the forehead area, cheeks, hands.

komórki macierzysteThe treatment is performed in the following series:

CGF LIQIUD – requires 3 treatments at intervals of 4 weeks.
CGF HARMONY – requires three treatments at intervals of 6 weeks.


Why is the treatment unique

  • Natural, visible improvement in skin condition
  • Reduction of fine lines and tenuity
  • Possible choice of therapy: CGF LIQIUD and CGF HARMONY
  • The method uses the potential of your blood - it is 100% safe
  • No risk of allergy, complications and side effects

Only original CGF treatment kits guarantee quality and safety.

The confirmation is a CGF passport along with a serial number sticker. Treatments are performed only by certified doctors.


Sample effects:

komórki macierzyste komórki macierzyste