Anti-acne treatments


- getting rid of comedones and dead cells of the epidermis,
- regulation of sebum secretion,
- reduction of enlarged pores,
- whitening of postinflammatory discolouration,
- reduction of atrophic acne scars;

The procedure:

1) make-up removal and toning the skin,
2) cleansing of the skin: microdermabrasion/ hydradermabrasion/chemical peel*,
3) manual removal of blackheads - only in the case of multiple comedones (alternatively, cauterization of the opening of blocked sebaceous glands with highly concentrated TCA),
4) disinfection: Darsonval,
5) active ampoule or gel applied with ultrasounds or iontophoresis,
6) mask,
7) skin-care cream;

* one of the methods, depending on the skin condition

Preparations applied during the session:

1) chemical peel: mandelic/pyruvic/glycolic

2) ampules/gels:

Mandelac serum

Mandelac serum

Composition: Mandelic acid, hyaluronic acid and chlorhexidine.

Mandelic acid has antiseborrheic and keratolytic properties, it purifies and whitens the skin, calming down facial redness. It is an ideal solution for acne skin.
Chlorhexidine - bacteriostatic, cleansing action.

Ioson purificante

Ioson purificante

It is a gel for iontophoresis treatments, rich in purifying, antiseborrheic and calming components. The gel is especially recommended for oily and seborrheic skin, additionally, as a treatment complementing the therapy of acne vulgaris.

It contains 10% azeloglicina and 5% niacinamide.

Azeloglicina combines the properties of the azelaic acid - antibacterial, whitening and antiseborrheic - with the moisturising action of glycine.

Niacinamide narrows the openings of sebaceous glands and reduces sebum production.

3) masks:

Propimask Healing

Propimask Healing

The mask stimulates epithelisation and healing of the skin. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can be used in patients with sensitive skin. It is recommended for damaged, cracked skin, supporting the healing process after particular treatments of aesthetic medicine (deep and medium peels, mesotherapy, laser-aided treatments).

panthenol 5%,
soothing complex 2,5%,
bisabolol 0,1%