Soft filling (soft facelift)

Soft Filling is a technique which involves application of hyaluronic acid with the use of innovative elastic cannulas, thus the procedure completely eliminates the invasive and painful aspect of injections and reduces the effect of bruising after the treatment.

Microcannulas are absolute novelty in the application of fillers on the face, neck, upper chest and hands in a minimally invasive way. A microcannula has a blunt tip and is flexible, in contrast to the conventional needle. It maximally reduces the risk of bruising effect, which is very high with the application of a traditional needle.

- modelling of the contours of the face (volumetry),
- skin revitalisation,
- hands revitalisation,
- lip augmentation,
- filling facial creases and wrinkles (tear trough area, the area around the eyes, nosolabial fold, marionette lines, temples);

Advantages of SOFT FILLING:
- time-saving - thanks to the length of cannulas we treat the whole area from a single point,
- painless method - usually does not require anaesthesia,
- no bleeding,
- a perfect control of the level of injection,
- the risk of intravascular injection or nerve injury is eliminated thanks to blunt-tipped cannulas,
- less inflammation to the treated area, so the product remains longer in place,
- natural effect with the possibility to remove the excessive amount of the preparation,
- the possibility to leave the drawn lines on the skin during the procedure, which allows for a better control of the filling process;