Accent Elite - skin firming

Accent Elite is a device based on high frequency waves (radiofrequency) for collagen remodelling, skin tightening and cellulite reduction.


  • body slimming,
  • improving skin texture,
  • elimination of wrinkles,
  • reduction of cellulite,
  • reduction of adipose tissue and tissue circumference,
  • treatment of stretch-marks;

Accent Elite helps to eliminate problems over the entire body. It performs non-invasive skin lifting, corrects the oval of the face, lifts a sagging chin, smooths wrinkles and reduces local fatty tissue, drastically eliminates flabby skin around the arms, abdomen, buttocks and Thighss, as well as it treats severe forms of cellulite.

Radio frequency treatments are recommended already after the age of 30, in order to improve the firmness and tightness of the skin, shape the body and stimulate new collagen growth, as it is naturally lost over time. They may be taken regardless of climate and season, with no downtime or side-effects.

Excellent results in reduction of cellulite and skin lifting are obtained thanks to 3 unique handpieces (unipolar, bipolar and UniForm - with a customized mechanical applicator) which allow for precise adjustment of type and depth of therapy to individual needs of each patient. It assures impressive effects and the highest level of safety. The IN-Motion™ technology makes the treatment virtually painless.

Innovative technologies of Accent Elite:

1) it uses two individual types of electrodes on one platform: unipolar, penetrating further for deep dermal thermotherapy, and bipolar, focusing on the surface layer of the skin, with precisely pre-set depth of penetration,

2) handpieces: uni- and bipolar, using RF energy for deep (up to 20 mm) and superficial (to 6 mm) tissue heating; applied by the unipolar handpiece (100-200 W) and bipolar power (60-100), depends on clinical indications and the location of the treated skin surface; additional UniForm handpiece offering effective cellulite improvements,

3) the highest frequency among the devices of this type available on the market - 40.68 MHz (with the average frequency of 6-10 MHz), offers fast heating of the tissue and consequently, shorter duration of the treatment session. For comparison, other RF devices generate much lower frequency, and so, for example: Aluma (Lumenis, USA) - provides 0.5 MHz while ThermaCool TC Thermage (Solta Medical, USA) - 6 MHz,

4) IN-Motion™ technology is administered using a sweeping technique, provides a gradual thermal rise to the target's therapeutic temperature, with minimal risk of injury and with much less discomfort for the patient; during the treatment the tissue is cooled down;

The technologies provide the effect of smoothing and lifting of the skin, as well as volumetric improvements, shaping the body through:

  • increasing blood flow in tissues,
  • shrinking and reorganisation of collagen fibres - skin lifting and tightening,
  • increasing new collagen synthesis - biorevitalization,
  • increasing tension and contraction of connective tissue - remodelling, improving contours and 3D structure of the skin,
  • increased drainage of excess fluid accumulated in the adipose tissue - reduction of cellulite and the volume of fat tissue;

The synergy of both technologies in Accent Elite System guarantees unique possibilities of the cellulite and skin flaccidity therapy.

The influence of radio frequencies on collagen is two-stage and may be divided into:

1) instant short-term effect
Type - I collagen is the main component of the dermis. Properly cross-linked collagen forms a structure of a helix composed of three interwined collagen chains, supported by chemical cross-links and molecules. As we age, collagen degradation is prevailing, its particular fibres shrink, damage and fragment. It has been proved, that the skin of an adult human each year loses about 1% of the collagen in the dermis. As the effect of heating the skin with RF, the collagen is heated, some of the cross-links are broken and the structure of triple helix unfolds. The collagen gets partially broken down. Owing to the preserved chemical bonds, the helix gets relaxed, however it does not break down, but thickens and unfolds. Such shrinkage of collagen fibres gives noticeable effects of skin tightening immediately after the RF treatment.

2) later, long-lasting effect
As the result of partial decomposition of collagen fibres, enzymes digesting the broken collagen are produced, while the breakdown products stimulate fibroblasts to new collagen synthesis. In this way, a complex process of so called dermal remodelling process begins, which lasts up to a few months (in cases of deeper dermal heating). These properties, stimulating the production and remodelling of collagen, result in obtaining firm and very elastic skin.

How it works:

During the therapy, two handpieces are applied:

1. Unipolar - enables cellulite reduction and deep stimulation and reorganization of collagen (reshaping).
2. Bipolar - provides superficial, safe and precise wrinkle removal and skin lifting in the areas of more delicate and thinner skin, e.g. on the face.
3. UniForm - incorporates proprietary mechanical rollers to offer cellulite improvements and skin biorevitalization of large areas, additionally enhancing the effectiveness of the treatment by combining the therapy with a massage.

Accent Elite handpieces


Face: 4-6 sessions every 15-25 days,

Body: 5-10 treatment sessions every 7 - 21 days,

To maintain the treatment effects, follow-up sessions are recommended: 1 session every 3 months,

The treatments are performed in series. The first effects are achieved after 4-6 weeks. A major improvement in the skin occurs gradually, over 3-5 months after surgery.

The procedure:

  • duration: 20-60 minutes (depending on the size of the treated area),
  • the treatment is painless (a sensation of warmth/heat),
  • no downtime for the patient,
  • the treatment involves a massage with Accent Elite handpiece, emitting electromagnetic field of radio frequency;

Accent Elite treatment


  • pregnancy
  • heart pacemaker
  • severe and chronic diseases of kidney or liver
  • coronary heart disease and a history of heart attack
  • inflammatory diseases of the skin within the treatment zone
  • cancer

After-treatment recommendations:

During 3 days following the treatment it is recommended:

  • to drink large amounts of water (about 2,5 litres),
  • to keep a low-fat diet,
  • to avoid hot baths,
  • to restrain from exhausting physical exercises and visiting sauna,
  • to avoid drinking alcoholic beverages;


  • it is advised to moisture the treated skin intensively, using a body lotion or cream (face),
  • in order to mantain the treatment effects it is recommended to apply active skin-care preparations,
  • the treatments using radio frequencies aiming at rejuvenation of the skin on the face, neck, upper chest and hands may be combined with a hyaluronic acid mesotherapy, which additionally complements the level of skin hydration,
  • radio frequency body treatments may be applied alternatingly with i-lipo laser lipolysis, which eliminates local excess of fat tissue;

Post-treatment effects (source -

Accent Elite skin firming - post-treatment effects Accent Elite skin firming - post-treatment effects Accent Elite skin firming - post-treatment effects Accent Elite skin firming - post-treatment effects Accent Elite skin firming - post-treatment effects

See also: i-lipo (non-invasive laser lipolysis) and Velas (invasive laser lipolysis)