Medlite IV – Nd:Yag Q-switch laser for tattoo removal

Medlite Q-switchThe product of HOYA ConBio, an American company based in Fremont, CA. The company was founded in 1991, as a subsidiary of HOYA Corporation, the world leader in ophthalmic optics technology, based in Tokyo.

Medlite handpieceMedlite IV is a Nd:Yag laser of two wavelength options: 1064 nm (removal of dark tattoo ink) and 532 (removal of red tattoo ink).

multilite wavelength converters Additionally equipped with two wavelength converters MultiLite of a wavelength 585 nm (removal of light-blue tattoo ink) and 650 nm (removal of light-green tattoo ink).
The laser's pulses are emitted in nanoseconds (type Q-switch), which results in a very fast breaking of the tattoo ink with minimal heat emission to surrounding tissues, which prevents skin burns and scaring after treatment. The laser was introduced into the market for treatment purposes in 1992 and the technology is constantly being modified and improved.

Clinical applications of Q-switched Medlite IV laser:

- tattoo removal (amateur and professional),
- permanent make-up removal,
- removal of post-accidental scars (speedway),
- removal of skin discolouration;

The laser obtained FDA clearance and received CE Mark for the European Market, which guarantees safety and effectiveness of the treatment.